When interviewing a Church Communications Director candidate, be sure to ask the right questions so that you recruit the right person for the job. We recently asked the Church Communications Facebook Group, “When hiring a Church Communicators, what interview questions should hiring managers ask and what kind of insights would that bring out?

1. What is your definition of church marketing?

This first question draws out the candidate’s understanding of the place of marketing communications in the church. The hiring manager should look for a thorough defense of the candidate’s rationale. Strong candidates will also be able to explain their role to skeptical members of leadership who do not fully understand marketing’s place in the local church.

2. How does church marketing further the gospel message both locally and globally?

This question further narrows down the candidate’s understanding of how church communications externally advance God’s kingdom. A well-positioned candidate understands that the message of the gospel should be stewarded carefully and strategically. A good understanding of how the gospel connects with church communications will motivate the candidate toward passion and excellence in their craft.

After asking, a good follow-up question might be “Give me an example of how you have furthered the gospel message through your own church marketing.” This is called Behavior-based Interviewing and helps you to get past theory and into what and how the candidate operates.

3. What is the role of a church communicator in digital discipleship?

This question reveals the candidate’s understanding of how to make disciples in the unique role of church communications. A good candidate will explain, with examples, how they can maximize opportunities in the dynamic digital landscape to make disciples who make disciples. This also shows the manager the candidate’s ability to mentor others and grow a vibrant communications team.

4. If you had to do church communication on a $0.00 budget, what would your approach be?

Be careful when and how you ask this question as the interviewee might perceive how you value church communications if they think you are going to low-ball their budget. An excellent candidate will see this question as a red flag. “Why are they asking me about working with no budget? Are they not going to give me a budget? Why would I want to work on a staff where they give so little value to communications that they don’t budget for it?” See what I mean? Nevertheless, this question can give you great insight into the creativity and passion of the person you are interviewing.

5. Given the choice between spending money on a new website or buying Facebook ads, which would you choose?

Again, no right or wrong answer here necessarily, but it will give you a lot of insight into how they approach things. These are the questions I would ask if I were a senior leader looking to hire a new church communications director. What questions do you ask when you are hiring (or have you been asked if you’ve already landed the job)?

6. How do you define the role of a church communications director?

A good response should mention social media, websites, and storytelling. Bonus points for considering video production and contributing to creative service planning.


Questions. They’re how we get answers. If you plan to interview someone for a Church Communications position, be sure to ask effective questions to see who best will fill the role. With these questions as a starter set for inspiration, you’ll be able to evaluate the candidate’s interest and skills that can potentially benefit your church.