Every growing ministry gets to a point where they need to hire leaders who will be able to devote their time fully. The problem is that it is not easy to attract the right talent. Surprisingly, a great ministry job description can help you achieve that.

The solution to the problem is an effective job description that will help potential team members quickly realize your church or ministry is where they really want to work and grow in their calling.

What is the job description?

Whether we like it or not a job description is actually a sales pitch that helps potential employees make the decision to try to become a part of your team. It usually outlines the general responsibilities and tasks that will be a part of the position. It is absolutely crucial to have the description in a written form to be able to post a job, share it in newsletters, on social media channels, and other places where potential team members can be found. According to Indeed the most effective job descriptions get up to 30% more applicants and are between 700-2000 characters.

Why is the job description important?

An effective job description will help potential team members learn more about the role they can potentially fill in. Someone who is willing to join your team needs to learn how the potential role aligns with their skillset and whether the job is something they will be passionate about doing.

From the ministry standpoint, the document will help the HR department or someone responsible for the hire to have clear expectations for the role and be able to effectively filter out the candidates that are potentially suitable for the job. It’s a powerful document that can save a lot of time in the process of streamlining the selection when it describes the position well.

What a job description should include?

Every job description should be written with the candidate in mind. The goal is to attract the right person for the position and help them thrive and be a part of your church growth. There are a number of elements that we suggest you focus on when you post a job on Ministry Fit:

  • About this role
  • Primary responsibilities and tasks
  • The team
  • What does the work schedule look like?
  • Required Experience and Character
  • Mission, vision, strategy, and values of your church
  • The church, community, and area
  • Denomination
  • Location
  • Weekly attendance
  • Salary

“Copy-paste recruitment is generally business as usual in most organizations…Even if the post was last filled five years ago, the chance of anyone thinking it might have to be crafted differently is slim. Generally, the only changes I see are to inflate the qualifications.” – Dorothy Dalton (talent management expert)


If you want to attract the talent, you need to speak the language potential candidates will be attracted to. If you have tried to copy and paste your job description for the last five years it’s time to change that. People you want to work with will be interested in the position if the way you communicate hasn’t changed for the last years. Make sure your job description reflects your church’s personality and the atmosphere they will experience when they join your team. People want to make a difference and when they read your job description they need to know how much of a difference they can make when they work with you.